Ancient Grains – Rediscovered treasures
Traditional ingredients for contemporary products

Centuries old meets modern

We live in a time of reflection – driven by a growing desire for security and a feeling of trust. This is why ancient grains are experiencing an impressive comeback. Steeped in provenance and tradition, original, more natural, healthier and more sustainable:  Ancient grain varieties have many advantages. They also have emotional pull. With our broad ranging portfolio, we unite the traditional and the innovative, for products with a sense of security. And because ease of processing is key, we make sure that our ancient grain ingredients are easy to handle, for consistently outstanding results.

A game changer for sensitive eaters

Extensive tests with wheat-sensitive consumers have shown that our 2ab wheat is far better tolerated than conventional wheat – without compromising on taste or mouthfeel. So, at long last, avoiding gluten doesn’t have to mean an end to indulgence. The rediscovered Tartary buckwheat is also a multifaceted talent. We have harnessed the power of this ancient grain in our Rutin-X flours: For baked goods packed with minerals, vitamins and trace elements as well as secondary plant substances with antioxidant effects.


  • RutinX tartary buckwheat crisps
  • 2ab Wheat Baking Flour

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Rich in zinc
2ab Wheat
for a good gut-feeling
True originals.