SNOW® wholegrain microgranules

Delicious whole grain power

Our SNOW® wholemeal products combine the taste profile of conventional white baked goods with a whole grain nutritional profile. Just imagine the countless new application possibilities! What’s the secret? We use white wheat for a lighter appearance and, as this grain variety is low in phenols, baked goods have a mild taste.

GoodMills Innovation offers wholemeal flours or micro granules based on wheat or spelt. Simply blend the granules with conventional flour to achieve a wholemeal flour  – for consistently good baking performance, every time  . Depending on your desired result, whole grain content of between 15 and 100 percent can be achieved. Even products with a full whole grain profile score with a pleasant, mild taste and a fine, fluffy texture – free from bitter notes and scratchy mouthfeel.  

Product advantages at a glance:

Best taste, best appearance

  • Fine, light appearance of baked goods
  • Mild, slightly nutty taste, good volume and fluffy crumb
  • No bitter nuances, no scratchy mouthfeel

Improved nutritional profiles

  • Whole grain nutritional profile
  • If dosed sufficiently, dietary fibre claims possible: “Fibre source” or “high fibre”
  • Consumers appreciate whole grain as a supplier of important vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • EU health claims possible (depending on dosage)

Easy handling

  • Flexible dosing to suit different recipes and applications
  • Prolonged shelf life compared to similar products due to thermal treatment


SNOW® wholemeal microgranules for light wholemeal baked goods with mild aroma

  • SNOW® Wheat wholemeal microgranules                                 
  • SNOW® Spelt wholemeal microgranules                                                   

We would be happy to advise you on these or other whole grain solutions based on spelt, rye and wheat.

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