TIP-TOP Release Flours

Improved hygiene and health

Better for employee health, economical, multifunctional  – and more hygienic too: Our TIP-TOP range of low-dust release flours based on wheat and rye are fantastic all-rounders. For large-scale production or processing by hand – their special granulation provides an enormous separating effect , so adhering dough residues are a thing of the past.

TIP-TOP flours are extremely economical to dose and, as they are particularly low in dust, the risk of baker’s asthma is significantly decreased.

Additional benefits: Because we treat the raw materials hydrothermally, mould growth on trays and belts as well as mould stains on proofing linens are prevented.

Product advantages at a glance

Tap the full potential:

  • Achieve savings of up to 70 percent compared to conventional flour or flour-starch mixes
  • Reduced wear and maintenance of equipment
  •    Can be used for decoration purposes
  • Improved hygiene and employee health

Improved hygiene and employee health:

  • Active prevention of mould
  • Better for employee health: low dust
  • Reduces flour deposits/depositions  and dough residues on equipment
  • Reduced fine dust pollution/load
  • Clean label


TIP-TOP works as separating flour in processing lines and sprinkling flour for manual processing, for dusting bread baskets or as decoration for pastries.

TIP-TOP flours are available in conventional as well as organic qualities.


  • TIP-TOP Ultra Clean Spezial®
  • TIP-TOP Ultra Clean
  • TIP-TOP Ultra Clean BIO


  • TIP-TOP Ultra Clean RYE
  • TIP-TOP Ultra Clean RYE BIO

Our experts will be happy to assist you with any question or the implementation of TIP-TOP!

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