Authentic, premium-quality taste:
VITATEX® and WHEATMEAT® are made of high-quality proteins and impress with their meat-like texture and neutral taste

A GOOD decision:
VITATEX® and WHEATMEAT® are a good decision, as they represent plant-based and sustainable nutrition

VITATEX® and WHEATMEAT® offer a wealth of different options for broad-based and differentiated plant-based nutrition

The right VITATEX®
for every product

More and more consumers are opting for vegan or vegetarian nutrition, or are consciously reducing their meat consumption. VITATEX® and WHEATMEAT® are both textured base materials with a high protein content for uncompromising meat-free enjoyment. The textured base materials are ideal for vegan and vegetarian alternatives, as well as for the partial replacement of meat in cost-efficient or hybrid products. They can also be used to produce fish-like substitutes.

The entire range of products includes vegan and vegetarian burgers, meatballs, escalopes, bolognese sauce, nuggets, steaks, sausages, tuna and filled bakery products.

VITATEX® texturates are based on wheat, pea or soy protein and are suitable for a wide range of coarse- to fine-fiber applications. A meaty texture and a typical juicy mouthfeel can be imitated easily. The wheat-based VITATEX® and WHEATMEAT® flakes and the soy-based VITATEX® flakes can be used especially for product applications with a coarser texture such as vegan minced meat products. VITATEX®-Soy Chunks XL are suitable for applications with long-fiber structures, such as vegan escalope’s or nuggets. Non-GMO raw materials of European origin are used for all products, including the VITATEX® Soy texturates.

Product benefits
at a glance

Nutritionally physiological benefits

  • Protein-rich
  • Cholesterol-free
  • GMO-free
  • Low-sodium
  • Low saturated fatty acid content
  • Clean Label

Technological benefits

  • High water binding capacity
  • Fibrous texture, comparable to meat
  • No loss of quality after heating or freezing
  • Easy to use
  • Microbiological stability
  • Resistant to pasteurisation and sterilisation
  • “Meat juices” bound in (less shrinkage)

Economic benefits

  • Products are also available with EU country of origin
  • Lower losses during cooking, frying and smoking
  • Major potential to lower costs and increase profits
  • Reduction in cost-intensive lean meat



  • VITATEX® Pea Flakes SVP
  • VITATEX® Wheat Flakes
  • VITATEX® Wheat Flakes SVP
  • VITATEX® Soy Flakes
  • VITATEX® Soy Chunks XL


  • WHEATMEAT® Flakes FP 76
  • WHEATMEAT® Flakes 4080
  • WHEATMEAT® GDS 65                                              

We would be glad to advise you on our VITATEX® and WHEATMEAT® range!

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Burger Patty with VITATEX®
Tuna wrap with VITATEX®
Schnitzel with VITATEX®