SMART® Wheat high protein flour

Balancing out flour qualities

Natural products vary in their properties. This also applies to wheat flour, where the quality varies greatly from region to region and from harvest to harvest, particularly in terms of protein content. However, there is a solution to this challenge:

The high-protein flour SMART® Wheat, which compensates for possible fluctuations in terms of baking properties and dough characteristics. This not only improves the quality of the end products at a consistent level, but also increases the efficiency of the baking process.

optimised dough

In contrast to washed-out gluten, SMART® Wheat contains native protein – intact and in its original form – which enables the gluten to form more quickly. The elasticity of the dough is drastically increased.

SMART® Wheat is ideal for a wide range of baked goods, from wholemeal pastries to yeast doughs. It is also available in organic quality. The baking industry and large-scale bakeries benefit not only from the qualitative but also from the economic advantages of using SMART® Wheat.

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