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The Nutri-Score

Various factors determine whether a product ends up in the customer’s shopping cart. In addition to the taste and appetizing appearance, the Nutri-Score can also be crucial. The reason: consumers can classify the nutritional profile of their desired product at a glance.

In December 2023 the Nutri-Score algorithm was adjusted – with far-reaching consequences for the food industry. In the “solid foods” category, different reference values, maximum points or threshold values now apply to various nutrients and ingredients. However, through targeted fibre and protein enrichment as well as sugar and salt reduction, you can optimise your products and thus improve the Nutri-Score.


We have many years of experience in processing grains and extensive expertise in the corresponding raw materials. The specific functions of our physically refined ingredients based on grains and legumes are particularly suitable for nutritional optimisation.

Individual reformulation without sensory losses.


For fibre enrichment, the following products are suitable:

For protein enrichment, we recommend these products:

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Nutritional optimisation without compromise