About us

We are committed to innovation – it is written in our name, and it is our core purpose. We develop outstanding solutions based on natural raw materials and physical processes. Our guiding principle is “naturalness” – that’s what we live for. We see ourselves as your companion on the road to a good and sustainable future, facing today’s challenges together. Farsighted, we are already working on solutions for tomorrow. Our perspective is broad – because the world is changing, and trends are evolving too. Amidst this, however, there is one thing we know won’t change: The huge movement towards vegetarian and vegan nutrition is more than just a temporary fad. Climate change and the world’s growing population make this switch a vital necessity. We are specialists in grain and grain refinement, and our sister company Müller’s Mühle is a leader in the legume sector. Working together with us, you will discover that the path to a plant-based and thus more sustainable future is not just meaningful, but also commercially valuable.

Good to know: We operate under the umbrella of Europe’s leading milling corporation, the GoodMills Group, ensuring a secure supply of top-quality raw materials.

Our raw materials: Grains and legumes

Our technologies: 100 percent physical, state-of-the-art

Our customers: International food industry, bakery trade and food service

Our research disciplines: The health benefits of natural plant-based raw materials