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Our baking improvers are an easy way to ensure standardised quality in your bakery products: They enable optimum machine runnability and excellent fermentation stability in doughs – even when used in very economical amounts – for finished baked goods with outstanding freshness, volume and a perfect crumb.

Universal in use

From the most rustic bread to the finest patisserie: The GoodMills Innovation portfolio includes dry mixes and pastes suitable for all. Supplied in small batches for the bakery trade or bulk containers for industrial scale production – and with one major advantage: Almost all our baking agents are clean label ingredients. Whatever your needs – we can provide tailored solutions to suit.

GOOD Tennen-Backmalz 3-4% (Barn Floor Baking Malt 3-4%)
Brioche 3%
GOOD Croissant CL 3%


We offer various baking agents for bread, rolls, wheat and special biscuits

  • GOOD Bäckerplus 3-4% bread roll baking agent without malt
  • GOOD Brioche 3% the all-rounder for sweet yeast dough
  • PHÖNIX Crust tip for granular wheat pastries

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