Hand crafted perfection
Preserving tradition through innovation

Bread: The epitome of craftsmanship

Bread has been a staple food for thousands of years. As a Germany-based company, we are of course very proud that German bread culture was officially added by UNESCO to its Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2015. We want to preserve and nurture this tradition and make it available for the rest of the world. Baking good bread is an art, and there is scarcely anything that promises to deliver as much pleasure as a delicious slice of freshly baked bread with butter.

There is a huge trend movement towards going “back to our roots”. This is not just for nostalgic reasons – using clean label ingredients and ancient grains can also improve the “good for you” profile of baked goods. But ancient grains and traditional methods such as long proving times and baking in wood-fired ovens bring their own challenges. Whatever these may be, we work side by side with our customers as partners to overcome them – with the right raw materials and the right advice.

Natural and certain to succeed

What does a contemporary bakery range look like? When it comes to trends, we are ahead of the game. From the most traditional breads and rolls to the finest patisserie, our baking ingredients guarantee naturalness, optimum baking performance, the highest quality and – above all – the best taste. Our greatest strength, however, lies in working together with customers to develop customised solutions. In doing so, we always have an eye on economic efficiency. And some of our raw materials even bring clear advantages for processing and employee health. For example, our innovative low-dust release flours not only enhance production, but they significantly reduce the risk of baker’s asthma, too.

Contemporary tradition.