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Mind the fibre gap

In nutrition discourse, the ‘fibre-gap,’ representing the troubling disparity between recommended and actual dietary fibre intake, is both real and concerning.

According to Stephen et al., Nutrition Research Review (2017)95% of Europeans don‘t reach the recommend daily intake of fibre. In gut health, diversification is crucial for fostering resilience and strength. Studies have shown that a multifibre approach, decreases the risk of heart attacks*.

*Ranaivo et al., Increasing the diversity of dietary fibers in a daily-consumed bread modifies gut microbiota and metabolic profile in subjects a cardiometabolic risk (2022).

Bridge the gap

Fibre products focus not only on the gut as a whole, but also on the gut microbiome. Studies on personalised nutrition illustrate how unique this bacterial landscape is for each person and how it influences individual health. The fibre range is designed to provide optimal and varied support for the microbiome. This is why the fibre comes from cereals, pulses, vegetables and fruit and can be optimally combined with each other.

Close the gap

Our fibre portfolio is suitable for a wide range of applications such as bread & rolls, toast, biscuits & bars, waffles & pancakes. Find your ideal solution here:

GOOD Fibres multi-fibre concentrates with diverse fibres: GOOD Cult HAPPY INSIDE GOOD Fibres 10 + 1

GOOD Brans – Special fractions

NEW – Our new product for the baking industry with the prebiotic power of seven dietary fibres: SNOW® Prebiotic Fibres. You can find detailed information and insights in our sales folder.

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