Adding flavour

Emotive aromas

There aren’t many things that whet the appetite as much as the smell of fresh baked goods. Perfecting and intensifying good aromas is our speciality. We use traditional methods – tried and tested for thousands of years – because some things simply cannot be made any better.

The best natural traditions

Unique baked goods require unique baking ingredients. Our specialist range of baking-active compounds and malted ingredients are obtained by traditional fermentation and malting processes. This makes them especially rich in aroma precursors – for intense, multi-faceted aroma profiles in rustic baked goods. All achieved in a completely natural way. 

Product selection

Backactive Compounds

For an additive free final pastry declaration

  • Slow Milling Ferment’tic
  • Slow Milling Baking ferment
  • Ferment’arôme

Schrote und Flocken

  • Slow Milling Malted Rye Flakes
  • Slow Milling Kastanienerbse®


  • GOOD Tennen-Backmalz (Barnn Floor Baking Malt)

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Slow Milling
Slow Milling
Slow Milling
Baking ferment
Perfection in tradition.